Solid Australian Hardwood Flooring Melbourne

Australian Hardwoods are sourced from sustainable Australian forests and produced by the best manufacturers in Australia. They are renowned for their high Janka (hardness) ratings and excellent durability, offering quality, long-term flooring for your home or project. We carry all available species in a wide range of grades and widths.

Spotted Gum:  

Janka Dry Hardness: 11 kN

Spotted Gum is one of Australia’s premium native hardwoods with a striking appearance and a high degree of natural durability and strength. Colours vary from pale grey browns and soft creams to a rich chocolate brown. Highly valued by Architects and Designers due to its vibrant colour palette and its frequent wavy grain can produce an attractive and highly valued fiddleback effect.


Janka Dry Hardness: 9.1 kN

Blackbutt is a commonly grown hardwood that has attractive colouring from cream to pale brown, sometimes with a slight tinge of pink. Its grain can be interlocked but is usually straight and even, small gum veins may also be visible making it appealing for interior use as timber flooring.


Janka Dry Hardness: 8.6 kN

Tallowwood is a prestigious timber that is sought after by Designers and Architects. It is an exceptionally durable hardwood species with unique colour and grain structure. Golden honey brown with an occasional tinge of olive, Tallowwod offers an elegant neutral toned palette with beautiful growth rings.

Tasmanian Oak:

Janka Dry Hardness: 5.5 kN

Tasmanian Oak is a combination of three Eucalypt species (Alpine Ash, Mountain Ash & Messmate) commonly found in Tasmania; blended together the result is a beautiful light coloured timber. Colour ranges from pale cream to pink and reddish-brown. The grain is straight and even producing an excellent finish.

Grey Ironbark:

Janka Dry Hardness: 14 kN

Grey Ironbark is a premium native hardwood that is well regarded as a high quality timber in Australia. It offers a stunning array of timber hues from pale brown to dark chocolate as well as the occasional dark reddish brown. The texture is moderately coarse and even, and the grain usually straight and only occasionally interlocked.

Recognised as one of the hardest hardwood flooring available in the world, Grey Ironbark is an extremely hardwearing timber that makes it perfect for timber flooring in high traffic commercial and domestic situations.

Red Ironbark:

Janka Dry Hardness: 14 kN

Red Ironbark is a very distinctive Australian hardwood that has been prized for its strength and durability. Colour is a deep dark red to brown and the timbers texture is fine and even with an interlocked grain.

Forest Reds:

Janka Dry Hardness: 9.1 kN

Forest Reds is a blend of medium to large hardwoods harvested from the coastal regions. Timber colour ranging from pale pinks to deep rich reds, which when blended in flooring give a particularly warm, luxurious appearance.


Janka Dry Hardness: 7.1 kN

Messmate has a warm neutral palette which varies in colour from pale browns through to light yellows with subtle hints of peach. It is a species rich in detail with an even texture and beautifully defined growth rings, ideal for producing beautiful timber floors. Gum veins are common.

Sydney Blue Gum:

Janka Dry Hardness: 9 kN

Sydney Blue Gum has a relatively straight grain that is sometimes interlocked. Its distinctive colour varies from soft pinks to dark pinks and reddish browns. The beautiful colour and its strong and hard natural attributes make Sydney Blue Gum sort after for both domestic and commercial flooring projects. 

Brush Box:

Janka Dry Hardness: 9.5 kN

Brushbox has long been sought after for its unique properties and aesthetic qualities and is especially appealing for flooring. It has a fine and even texture with a very tight interlocking grain. With its beautiful lush chocolate colours highlighted with reddish-pinkish undertones Brush Box is a floor that matches well with modern elegant spaces.

Yellow Stringy Bark:

Janka Dry Hardness: 8 kN

Yellow Stringybark is moderately durable and is highly regarded for flooring. Colours range from pale yellow through to golden hues and light browns. Its grain is medium to fine, and is mainly straight but sometimes interlocked. Gum veins and bug holes are common.


Janka Dry Hardness: 8.5 kN

Jarrah is renowned for its rich red colours that deepen over time. Colours range from deep browns to burgundy hues. The timber displays a moderately coarse and even textured grain. The occasional incidence of wavy and interlocking grain produces some samples with a sought after fiddle-back figure. Jarrah’s beautiful colouring and exceptional hardness are a perfect combination for commercial and residential flooring.

Roasted Peat:

Janka Dry Hardness: 9.5 kN

Roasted Peat is a hardwood that has been thermally modified under high temperature. The roasting process greatly increases the stability of the flooring. The process reduces the normal shrinkage and swelling that traditional kiln dried hardwood can experience by up to 50%, making it an ideal flooring product. The natural durability is also increased by 3 to 4 times greater than the same species unroasted. Since no chemicals are required and only water and heat are used, the process is extremely environmentally friendly. Colour- Earth tones to dark chocolate.

Wormy Chestnut:

Janka Dry Hardness: 8 kN

Wormy Chestnut contains many natural features, deep gum veins formed by fire, ambrosia beetle marks, pin holes and squiggly worm marks are all evident with each piece showing nature’s signature. It is valued for its natural character and beauty and makes a lovely feature floor. Colour ranges from light to deeper browns with highlights of pink.

Flooded (Rose) Gum:

Janka Dry Hardness: 7.5 kN

Flooded (Rose) Gum is highly prized for its unique, subtle rose tones that vary from pale pink to soft reds and red browns. Flooded Gum is ideal for luxurious domestic applications that require a rich but gentle aesthetic. It has a straight grain, an even texture and the occasional, natural scribble pattern.

Australian Beech:

Janka Dry Hardness: 7.1 kN

Australian Beech is a beautiful combination of highland timbers, carefully selected to create a unique colour that ranges from pale brown and golden hues to a light cream with a slightly pink tint. These tonal variations found in Australian Beech are one of its sought-after features.


Janka Dry Hardness: 12 kN

Turpentine is a highly durable hardwood species that is commonly grown in New South Wales and southern Queensland. In colour, it varies from pale to dark reddish brown through to deep chocolate brown. It has a straight grain and coarse but even texture.

Mixed Hardwood:

Mixed Hardwood flooring is a blend of 3 to 4 Australian Hardwoods. Colours range from creams, lights, warms and reds.

Grey Box:

Janka Dry Hardness: 15 kN

Grey Box offers a palette that is best described as a combination of dark nutty honey through to soft wheat colours, and has an interesting tight cathedral grain pattern. Grey Box is an extremely hardwearing timber that makes it perfect for timber flooring in high traffic commercial and domestic situations.